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Lacey Holmen


My story of becoming a photographer starts when I was a little girl. My grandmother always carried a camera with her. Every time she wanted to take pictures I never had a smile on my face, or I would make a funny face or look mad. Looking back on those photos I have to laugh because those photos turned me into the photographer I am today. Picking up a camera and looking through the lens starts a whole new world for me. Its not all about "just taking a picture". Its about capturing that moment you can look back on and it will make you smile. I enjoy being able to capture what ever moment is put infront of me. Weather it is with a newborn, a child, families, weddings or even the miricle growing inside of you. Through the years I've met some amazing people and have enjoyed growing with them with just by capturing their moment. Being able to see your face light up with a smile helps me to continue to be that person to capture your special moment in time. I'm always grateful for all my clients for giving me the opportunity to capture their moments. I thank you for all your love and kindness, god bless!

I'm a mother to two beautiful girls, Chelsee and Molly. My husband, John, owns his own trucking business, and we live in a tiny town of Voltaire, ND.  I have two dogs, Petey and Diesel. I enjoy painting, running, reading a good book and playing with my children. I'm obsessed with horses. I think they are the most beautiful creatures on this earth. I have 17 tattoo's that represent me or my family. Happiness and hard work are what my life go round!

much love ,

Lacey Holmen

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